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Here at Jammed Packed Bullies we offer whelping and new born puppy care services. We understand the time it takes to take care for a new litter. It is 24 hours a day, 7 day a week job to properly care for newborns. It can take a matter of moments for something critical to happen and a whole litter can be lost. Sometimes life gets very busy to where the necessary care might not be available. This is why we have offered our services.
A little bit of information about our facility and how we operate. We have a room in our home dedicated to expecting mothers or new born puppies and their mothers. We keep this room isolated and disinfected from all other animals to lower any risk of infections or diseases. New born puppies get to enjoy their first days in our ICU incubator. In here they have their temperature, humidity and oxygen intake regulated so they can have a peaceful time between those many feeding times. Medical and Anion treatments are also available. Once they are bigger, mobile, fat and healthy we move them to one of our training pen facilities in the room. Here they will be able to have more room to stretch those growing legs and begin the potty training and interacting process before they return to their parents home. Some of a list of accommodations and resources available are:
-ICU Incubator
-Regulated Temperature in nursery & ICU
-Regulated Humidity in nursery & ICU
-Regulated Oxygen  in nursery & ICU
-Anion Treatments
-Basic medical needs
-on call vet assistance
-transport to and from vet
-weight monitoring
-puppy box potty training
-on time scheduled feedings
-24 hour on site care
-24 hour remote location interactive camera
-mother care and extra one on one time
-puppy interactive training
-and more
Our services are by referral bases and by appointments. Current clients of Jammed Packed are always welcome. We can accommodate emergencies in some situations. The care and health of puppies are always priority #1, hence why we do not take in puppies that we do not have any knowledge of and require a referral. Cost for care can vary. Most cases start as low as $2 - $3 an hour. We do this as a service to help bring into the world nice healthy and happy pups. We can also provide testimonies from previous or current clients. If you would like to schedule an appointment please contact Amanda to see how we can be of service to your new babies.


Jammed Packed
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