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Here at Jammed Packed Bullies we strive to not only produce the ideal companion, but also a dog that competes in the conformation show rings. With 20 plus combined years of show ring knowledge and 9 plus years as a conformation judge, we have decided to provide our knowledge to helping and training others to be competitive in the show ring as well. Each individual dog will progress at his or her own pace, and success is based on many factors. We encourage people to have realistic goals, a game plan, and an understanding that a new show carrier can be determined by many factors. Age, Maturity, Structure, Quality, Temperament just to name a few. We will discuss and help you with a game plan for success for you, your four legged pal and ourselves all working as a team.
We offer many training and show packages. Each one is tailored to your needs and the needs to succeed. We do not take short cuts to success. If your looking for a full time, boarding, training, and showing package or a weekend warrior package, we can find the package that best suits you.
Everyone always ask the big question, "how much does it cost". This is very hard to answer on a general bases as each situation is unique. The quick answer is it is not cheap and it is not free. We do not believe in cutting corners when it comes to any of our animals and we treat any clients dog probably better then our own. Just so you have an idea of a financial starting point, our in house boarding and training programs start at $1,000 and our weekend warrior packages start at $500. Final cost and timeline can be summarized and broke down when we make our initial training and/or showing action plan.  
We have a long list of titles from Multiple Best in Show wins with multiple different breeds and in multiple Registries. We have titles in the English Bulldog, American Bullies, American Pit Bull Terrier, and Shorty Bulls from our own program and have handled with success the French Bull Dog, American Bulldog, and Olde English Bulldoggee. We are always broadening our education in each breed to stay competitive in today's conformation show rings. We will not just take any dog as we want to be honest with every owner. We are competitive in nature and want to work with quality. Please feel free to contact Amanda or Patrick for more information on how we can take your four legged friend into the winners circle.


Jammed Packed
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Jammed Packed

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