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Jammed Packed Shorty Bulls program was started in 2008. Since then we have strived to make a difference in the breed. We work closely with many breeders and many of our customers in and out of the show ring. Here are a few of the achievements our productions have received.
GRCH Chump Change
*Youngest GrCh ALL BREEDS at the time in 2014 
*Only SB on cover of Atomic Dog
*Multi Breed Best in Breed winner
Grch Houdini 
*2nd youngest Grch of ALL time in ALL BREEDS with the ABKC
*Current Youngest Male GRCH with ALL BREEDS with the ABKC
*2015's tied #7 ranked
*2016 #5 ranked
*11x best in Show winner
Ch Ace
*First produced Ch
*Best In Breed Winner
*Top 10
Ch Jiu Jitsu 
*2015's tied #7 ranked
Ch Kimura
*Best in Show winner
*Multi Best in Breed winner
CH Flawless 
*Best In Breed Winner
GrCh Pandora
*Multi Best in Breed and BIS winner
*TOP 3 Female 2 years running
CH Fraud
*Multi Best In Breed Winner
*Almost BRC CH
Ch Diamond
*Producer of 2 GRCH (about to be 3) and 5 CHs
*ABKC Multi Best in Breed Winner
*ABR Best in Breed Winner
CH Nugget
*ABKC Best in Breed Winner
*ABR Best in Breed & Reserve BIS
*ESKC Best in Breed Winner
CH Tinker bell
*First Shorty on Bully Girl Mag
Full list of Tiled Dogs.......
3 ABKC GRAND Champions
GRCH Chump Change
GRCH Houdin
GRCH Pandora
12 ABKC Champions
CH. Ace
CH. Django
CH. Diamond 
CH. Tinkerbell
CH. Jiu Jitsu 
CH. Kimura 
CH. Flawless
CH. Fraud
CH. Koko
CH. Moment
CH. Nugget
CH. She Devil
**Last Updated on September 28, 2017**


Shorty Bulls® as they are often referred to are a compact and muscular bulldog of small stature. They are athletically inclined and incredibly agile. Shorty Bulls® have a strong desire to please, are highly intelligent and good natured. Shorties make excellent family dogs and are very tolerant of children and other animals. They are bred to be well rounded family companions. Shorties have a zest for life and are little comics. They can easily adapt to different lifestyles from living in an apartment to life on a farm. Grooming is minimal. Shorty Bulls® should never be extremely shy or aggressive.


15 “and under (Over 15” is a Disqualification)


40 lbs. Over 40 lbs is allowed but should be proportionate to height. Obesity is a fault.


Round head with typical bulldog features. Eyes should set far apart and not protrude. Nose should turn up slightly and may be black or liver colored. Dudley noses are a cosmetic fault.


All dogs must be undershot but not protruding.


May be of any color but brown is preferred. Eyes should have an oval shape and not protrude from the skull.


Cropped, close to the head. In countries where cropped ears are not allowed, dogs may show with natural ears that are either dropped or rose and symmetrical. Prick ears are a disqualification from the show ring.


Body should be short from withers to tail. Chest should be broad for height and have a depth reaching the elbow. A compact look is desired, width of front and hind quarters should be proportionate, not lending to a narrow rear. The chest may be broader than the rear, but narrow hindquarters are a fault.


Well rounded and well muscled, lending to the appearance of strength. There may be a slight rise over the loins but not to an extreme degree.


Heavy boned and in direct proportion to the body. Long legs in proportion to the body or fine bones are a serious fault. Cow hocks and pigeon toes are a fault.


Tight feet and straight pasterns are desired. Splayed feet and weak pasterns are a fault.


Tail must be short, either docked or screwed. No long tails permitted in the show ring.


All coat colors are acceptable with the exception of black and tan, and merle.


Good natured and even tempered. Extreme shyness or undue aggression is a fault.



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